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About the project…

This spectacular waterfront property on Lake Ontario’s west end provided the perfect opportunity to substantially renovate an old house into a beautiful dual purpose home/ cottage within the city.  Our client, an avid sailor, was determined to achieve a “small cottage” look while building in all the comforts and necessities of a contemporary home with Green Building technology high on the priority list.

We salvaged the original block foundation, even though it was extremely wet, with a thorough waterproofing treatment around the perimeter and new weeping tiles that directed sump pit storm water to the lake. Our designer extended the main floor and two upper levels over the original foundation extension that was used as a base for the rear deck in the before photos. This added approximately 300 square feet of living space per floor.

Follow the home’s transformation in the image slider below.

Feedback from the client on a previous project…

In January this year (2005), I bought our old house that had not been touched for 90 years. I could not even get insurance for it.

By the end of January, Lifetime had stripped it to the outside walls. By the end of March it was rebuilt with proper wiring, proper plumbing and proper supports but still looked 90 years old. It was just what I wanted.

From its President, Sandra Baldwin, to its forepersons, to its drywallers, electricians, plumbers and painters, it is an extraordinary organization. All at a reasonable price.

Lifetime Contractor is well named. I will always use them in my lifetime; and their work lasts for a lifetime. You could not ask for more. I cannot recommend them strongly enough.

James Lockyer
Lockyer Campbell Posner
Barristers and Solicitors

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